Hi, I'm Nick.
I've worked in advertising for over 20 years, as a Creative, CD and ECD.
When I was a junior art director at BMP, the bloke in the next office was called John Webster.
His shelf was groaning with awards, but all he cared about was making people laugh, cry and think with his ads.
He showed me there's a creative solution to every business problem.
And that if you listen carefully enough to strategists, account teams, producers, clients and your audience, you've got a better chance of making something that actually works.
A Creative who likes to collaborate. Imagine that!

If that's how you like to make your ads, let's look for some of those creative solutions together.
nick@leanonafriend.com  +44 7843296804 linkedin.com/in/nallsop    instagram.com/mightyzos 

photo: Dennis Baars